Tuesday 07 April 2020

M18: Writing up Results of Research and Surveillance Studies

With the increasing amount of HIV research and surveillance studies carried over recently, there is a need to communicate the main findings and use them for policy making process and design of the further prevention intervention, research and surveillance.

This workshop aims to build skills of participants in scientific writing for peer reviewed journals. The aim is to allow HIV surveillance professionals and researchers to convert the results of HIV surveillance and research projects into manuscripts, which can be submitted for publication to peer-reviewed journals.

The workshop is structured to lead participants through the whole process of manuscript writing, from conception to final presentation of the results. Participants will gain experience of peer review on their own writing, and also facilitate peer review and feedback on papers prepared by other participants.

Learning objectives

Participants will learn how to make a writing process efficient, from developing the manuscript outline and writing up the results section to searching for the most appropriate title and submitting the manuscript. At the end of the workshop, participants will have a draft manuscript and comments on the manuscript structure and content from facilitators.

Key topics of the course are:

  • Broad and basic considerations for publishing research in refereed journals
  • Preparing specific sections of a manuscript
  • Presenting the data – tables, figures, text
  • How to clearly conceptualize the ideas
  • Discussing the importance of the findings
  • Describing the limitations
  • Importance of the abstract
  • Choosing a title that captures the attention
  • Authorship
  • Preparing the references
  • Common reasons for failure to publish
  • How to communicate with journal editors when submitting a manuscript.

Homework prior to workshop

  • Complete primary analysis as much as possible
  • Bring data with you (electronically)
  • Bring your laptop to write

Teaching Methods

Workshop consists of brief lectures that will describe how to structure the manuscript and write-up the key components. During the sessions that follow the lectures, participants will work individually with the assistance of the facilitators on preparing the components of draft manuscripts.

Target Audience

Epidemiologists, surveillance professionals, academic staff, public health professionals, social scientists


  • Willi McFarland, MD, PhD, Global Health Sciences, University of California, San Francisco and San Francisco Department of Public Health
  • Professor George Rutherford, MD, Global Health Sciences, University of California San Francisco
  • Ivana Bozicevic, MD, DrPH, WHO Collaborating Centre for Capacity Building in HIV Surveillance, School of Medicine, University of Zagreb
  • Jeff Mandel, PhD, Global Health Sciences, University of California San Francisco

Course organisers

Danijela Leso and Patricija Jankovic, WHO Collaborating Centre for Capacity Building in HIV Surveillance

Duration and site

The course takes place in five days in Cavtat (close to Dubrovnik), Croatia. The course will take place at the Hotel Croatia in Cavtat.


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