Information about VISA

Detailed information on how to obtain the Croatian visa can be found at the web pages of the Croatian Ministry for Foreign Affairs: and here.

On these web pages you can find information about the nationals of the states that require and do not require the visa for entering Croatia.

In case you need a visa, we will send you a letter of invitation based on which you can get a visa. Please make sure to request a visa as early as possible.


When travelling to Croatia you may need to obtain a transit visa for all the countries you pass through. In order to avoid any possible difficulties in obtaining a transit visa at the airport, please make sure to request a transit visa in the appropriate embassy/embassies as soon as you arrange your travel plans.

If the EU country you are passing through does not have an embassy in your country, you can inquire about this visa in an embassy of any other country belonging to the EU. The respective embassies will inform you of all the documents and fees necessary in order to obtain this visa. You might be requested to present a proof that you will be granted entry into Croatia. If you cannot obtain a valid Croatian visa before your trip, because there is no Croatian embassy in your country of residence, you will prove this with an official letter from the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Make sure to request this as early as possible, for it may take some time.  Please let us know if you have any problems in obtaining the visas, as we will assist you in this process.

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