Research Activities and Publications

The Centre is a part of the Andrija Stampar School of Public Health, School of Medicine in Zagreb. Carrying out research in HIV epidemiology and prevention is one of our key activities. The research interest of the Centre’s staff is in HIV-surveillance related research and exploring which surveillance approaches and techniques work best in different settings, as well as in epidemiology and clinical outcomes of HIV and STIs.

We aim to put an increasing emphasis on validating different surveillance tools and approaches, and on synthesizing findings on how surveillance systems can achieve better effectiveness by exploring epidemiological, and wider contextual factors including:

  • Methodological innovations in HIV surveillance
  • Studies that develop and validate new surveillance tools and their feasibility in practice
  • Operational research that explores the factors affecting effectiveness and sustainability of HIV surveillance systems
  • Relevance and types of qualitative research that are useful for surveillance purposes, particularly during pre-surveillance assessment
  • Translations of findings from HIV surveillance into HIV prevention, control and treatment programmes
  • Role of STIs in enhancing the spread of HIV

We have carried out the following research studies:

  • Bio-bihevioural surveys based on RDS among five key populations in five cities in Sri Lanka, 2017-2018
  • Population size estimation of five key populations in Sri Lanka, 2017-2018
  • Bio-bihevioural survey using RDS among PWID in three cities in Croatia, 2015
  • Bio-bihevioural survey based on cluster sampling among female seasonal workers in Morocco, 2013
  • Bio-bihevioural survey using RDS in MSM in Zagreb, Croatia, 2010-2011
  • Cluster-based household survey on prevalence of chlamydial infection and sexual behaviours, knowledge and attitudes among young people in Croatia, 2010
  • Review of HIV epidemics and policy responses among MSM in 27 countries of eastern Europe (commissioned by WHO EURO)
  • Pre-surveillance assessment and bio-bihevioural survey based on RDS among FSW in Yemen, 2007-2008 (commissioned by WHO EMRO)
  • Bio-bihevioural survey based on RDS among IDUs in three cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2007 (commissioned by UNICEF)
  • Bio-bihevioural survey based on RDS among MSM in Zagreb, Croatia, 2006
  • Bihevioural survey based on convenience sampling among sailors in Croatia, 2005
  • Time-location bihevioural survey among truck drivers in Croatia, 2005 and 2010
  • Cluster-based household survey on sexual behaviours, knowledge and attitudes among young people in Croatia, 2005


Selected HIV-related publications of our staff

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